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copper craft drink class artilce

Is there any better way to spend a Thursday evening with friends than by heading down to Coppercraft Distillery in Holland and getting a lesson or two on the basics of cocktail making while sipping on your new found creations? I think not.

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Jimmy Carter legalized homebrewing back in 1978, but home distilling has remained illegal since the days of prohibition. Commercial distilling at the craft level however is starting to explode (no pun intended) in Michigan with more and more new distilleries opening every year. New Holland Brewery was the first to begin distilling and has been doing so now for 10 years now with a full production distillery and a line of well respected and award-winning spirits including the likes of Beer Barrel Bourbon, and Hatter Royale. With Tinman Whiskey Lab located back at the pub, the brewery has been able to take distilling back to the craft level and also offer a unique opportunity for the public to sit in and actively take part in small batch distilling without having to worry about keeping the feds off their back.