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autism hope article
Beer Autism Hope announces the inaugural Hop Courage Great American Homebrew Contest presented by Rogue Ales & All About Beer Magazine. The Hop Courage Great American Homebrew Contest is a sanctioned AHA/BJCP competition rewarding America’s finest homebrewers and benefiting the Beer Autism Hope Movement, a cause that gives to the autism community and charitable causes within craft brewing.

By act of Congress, the first Saturday in May is National Brewers Day, and thanks to Howell’s Main Street Brew Shoppe the public is invited to watch local home brewers celebrate, demonstrate and educate.

Lansing's newest brewing supply store, That's How We Brew, is holding a "Brewing 101" class on Sunday, October 7th from 2-4 PM. In the spirit of the changing seasons and upcoming holiday revelry, they will be walking those in attendance through the basics of brewing a tasty Holiday Ale. Although the class is technically for beginners, those who are already well versed in homebrewing are encouraged to come and share their knowledge & experience as this event will coincide with the shop's first homebrew club meeting.

This Sunday Lansing's Newest Homebrew Shop

A new brewing supply store has just opened in Lansing! "That's How We Brew" will be holding an open house on Sunday, August 26th. At the open house they will be featuring beer samples, a drawing for free giveaways, and a 15% off sale on all their equipment and supplies. Gearhead Brewery, which is opening soon in Haslett, will also be on site sharing some information about their new business as well.

Growler Collar: Dries Clear or Amber Growlers Craft Beer Growlers

A while back we received this amazing new product in the mail. It is called the Growler Collar and it is designed to make it easier to dry your growlers after you wash them. If any of you have ever tried to wash a growler, you know that it takes days of pouring out the residual water for them to actually dry or if you try to stand them upside down on a towel it still takes days for them to dry because there is no air flow to the inside. Who wants large growlers taking up space on their counters for days? Not this girl!