Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cellarmen's Crowler Coming Soon

Written by Paul Starr


World Class Craft Beverages in Hazel Park to be Available to-go in Cans


B. Nektar is pleased to announce and welcome Aaron Tyrell as the company’s National Sales Director. Aaron will lead the B. Nektar sales team and work directly with their distributor network to maximize the growth of the B. Nektar brands. Providing strategic direction for the business and market development, he will serve as a liaison between craft beer customers and the company’s innovation.


Arktos Meadery which began distributing their award-winning meads in Grand Rapids last summer has now opened their tasting room on Grand Rapids southwest side. The location is at 1251 Century Avenue SW where an office suite has been converted into an authentic style mead hall. The grand opening was held on Saturday, August 15th with a full variety of both draft and bottled mead available and complimentary food. Owner and meadmaker Maciej Halaczkiewicz hosted a preview of the tasting room for Goblet Club members an hour prior to the official opening at 4 p.m.


We here at I'm a Beer Hound are looking forward to B. Nektar's upcoming Spring Fest featuring mead, cider, beer, music and food!

Grand Rapids might be “Beer City” and home to many great breweries, but other fermented beverages are now making a name for themselves here as well. The People’s Cider Co. for instance has been producing some great hard cider for over a year now, while Long Road Distillers hope to put G.R. on the map for craft spirits this fall. Another new player is Arktos Meadery which has plans to soon add mead to the mix. The name “Arktos” comes from the greek word for bear, which is appropriate because bears love honey, and mead is a fermented honey beverage often associated with ancient Greek mythology as being the nectar of the gods.

B. Nektar 2013 Spring Mead Fest, Ferndale

Renowned meadery B. Nektar held their first Spring Mead Festival on Saturday, April 20, from 12-6 pm in the massive parking lot of their Ferndale headquarters. The weather was typical of Michigan’s mercurial spring: chilly, overcast, with temperatures hovering around 38 degrees. However, this did not stop the mead-loving masses from enjoying a festive afternoon with several blood-warming delights.