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Nation’s Leading Beer & Food Pairing Expert to Release “Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy” in 2013

Written by  Dianna Stampfler
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Fred Bueltmann - The Beervangelist

When it comes to the art of pairing food and beer, few are as knowledgeable or passionate as Fred Bueltmann – aka The Beervangelist. His ability to marry food and beer, combined with his flair for entertaining prose, make him one of the most impressive and charismatic individuals in the culinary world. As an industry leader and Certified Cicerone™., Fred has a keen sense of focusing on the local while spreading his message on an international scale – both in a verbal and written sense.
In 2013, Fred will take his message to the masses with the release of “Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy” – which is being published by Black Lake Press of Holland. Yet, unlike traditional publishing methods, Fred is taking a more personal approach to his project. Utilizing the online funding platform, anyone in the world can contribute to this exciting culinary project and in return receive everything from a limited-edition advanced autographed copy of the book to a VIP in-home four-course beer dinner for eight, prepared by Fred himself.

Essentially, this online system represents pre-orders for contributions of $25 to $1000. With a 30-day window, the project must accumulate $10,000 by Noon on January 18, 2013 in order to be fully funded.  Given the return-on-investment, it’s a goal that should be easily accomplished. Once the funds are accounted for, the timeline takes a fast track with the book expected to be released via “print on demand” before the start of summer entertaining season.

“The Beervangelist’s Guide will connect readers to seasonal cooking, demonstrating that pairing begins with understanding when and where our food is coming from,” says Fred. “I’ll focus on sourcing, preserving and preparing food in a way that authentically connects us to our ingredients, making pairing opportunities abundant, rich and immensely enjoyable.”

Dispersed throughout the pages will be delicious and poignant photos from Jeff Hage of Green Frog Photo in Grand Rapids, who has helped chronicle Fred’s culinary contributions for the past several years.

“While readers will find numerous recipes and tips, this is as much of a book about entertaining and hosting as it is about food and beer pairing,” says Fred, who has been published in countless magazines over the years – including a column “Beer and Food with the Beervangelist” which has appeared in the no-longer-published Food For Thought and the newly introduced Flavor 616. His articles have also appeared in Women’s Lifestyle,Michigan: The Great Beer State and Michigan HOME & Lifestyle, among others.

As eloquent in person as he is with the written word, Fred has shared his beer knowledge to groups throughout the state and beyond, including the Michigan Brewers Guild; Michigan Restaurant Association; Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer & Food Festival; the former Epicurean Classic; and Siebel Institute of Technology.  (Great American Beer Festival, Savor, Great Taste of the Midwest.)

In April, 2013, Fred will speak on a panel with others from the Michigan Brewers Guild at the Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism, focusing on craft beer and its impact on the state’s thriving tourism industry. Fred has been an integral part of the Michigan Brewers Guild since it was formed in 1997, serving for eight years as the organization’s president.

When he’s not writing, speaking or judging at the Brewers Association’s, “Great American Beer Festival” each fall in Denver, Fred serves as a managing partner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Holland Brewing Company, a post he's held since 2004. His beer career dates back to 1991, when as a hobbyist home brewer he started selling beer for a specialty beer distributor in his hometown of Chicago. He went on to manage the Midwest region for Warsteiner Importers before joining Bell’s Brewing in 1995, where he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for more than nine years.

The release of the “Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy” is sure to be a well-used book for those who celebrate the culture of beer and food pairing, as well as those who seek to elevate their skills in the world of home entertaining.


I’ve known Fred Bueltmann, managing partner of the New Holland Brewing Company and past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild, for more than a decade, and his skill as a home cook and expertise in pairing beer with food will certainly elevate and educate your palate! As the Beervangelist, Bueltmann brings the pleasures of chocolate, cheese and craft beer to their rightful place at the table. ~ Lucy Saunders, editor -

When you hear Fred Bueltmann speak about beer and food, it is difficult not to smile. His enthusiasm, passion, and detailed knowledge brings the very complex world of brewing to an understandable and approachable place that inspires those listening to take up the cause. The Beervangelist is also a walking professional resource. He understands how flavors connect and compliment, and explains it in a way that lacks pretentiousness and radiates welcomness. He makes learning about beer a pleasure and brings the world's most social beverage to a comfortable place in every home. ~ John Holl, journalist, contributor to The Oxford Companion to Beer, and author of Craft Beer Kitchen  

Fred is someone others follow. Not because he demands it or is a “natural leader”, but because he gives his life and the lives around him an almost inescapable inertia. His passion for food and drink swirl around him so enthusiastically that is is nearly impossible not to get caught up in it. Suddenly his opinions might become yours and something you never cared about might become your newest obsession simply after giving Fred five minutes to describe it. This is because he grounds his passions with real experience and knowledge. He understands that to be larger than life one must absorb as much life as possible, and share it with the world generously, honestly, and with integrity. Fred knows you can’t fake it and he never tries. Luckily, what springs from him – as naturally as breathing – is enough to keep you captivated. ~ Matthew Millar, Chef, Reserve Wine & Food, Grand Rapids, MI (James Beard Foundation Semi-Finalist, Best Chef Great Lakes 2012)

Dianna Stampfler

Dianna Stampfler

Dianna has been referred to as one of the most motivated, energetic and passionate leaders in the tourism industry, with more than 20 years of marketing, public relations and media relations experience.

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