Monday, February 16, 2015

Recap of Art & Craft BeerFest in REO Town

Written by  Aimee West
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Art & Craft BeerFest was a huge success! This year they added two venues for a total of three fabulous spaces in Reo Town to explore.
The first venue was the newly remodeled Cadillac Room. The Cadillac Room has undergone an amazing transformation. This was my first time being in the newly renovated building and it was breathtaking with artwork leading down the hallway toward the space. The old bowling alley area was an excellent space to enjoy more artwork, Right Brain Brewery Beer, Blake’s Hard Cider and Live Music. The metal sculptures and art in other media showcased talent from local artists; Ivan Iller, Dave Koenigsknecht, Paul Such and Colin Such. Among my favorites was a oval mirror with metal leaves around the edge and a standing metal sculpture of an owl. The detail work on the owl was nothing short of fabulous.

The next venue was AA Creative Corridor where Geeks was Cameras had photographs up depicting everything from nature and people to stunning images of architecture. I simply had to stop in here on Saturday night to the try the Cuke (get name) beer from Right Brain. I loved the clean finish and refreshing flavor. It was well worth the wait, especially in a space like AA Creative Corridor.

The final venue was the Reo Town Pub where Brad VanderMoere had his exquisite oil paintings available on the walls of the pub. I love the subtle (and sometimes not­so­subtle) nods to politics and the world around us. The Reo Town Pub had the limited edition Mangalitsa Pig Porter created with smoked pig parts. This is one of those craft beers you should try at least once. Walking to the back of the pub, there was access to the heated tent where live music played during both days of the BeerFest. In the heated tent, local band Vandalay ended Art & Craft BeerFest with a hard rock roar.

I would also like to mention Good Truckin' Food and their amazing owner Zack who came through with perfect eats for everyone at BeerFest. Seek out this great food truck as soon as you can, and taste the deliciousness that is Hillbilly Fries! They also have a diner located in REO Town called Good Truckin' Diner that is open from 6am - 2pm Monday - Sunday, closed on Monday.

Art & Craft BeerFest offers everything in the name. With a triple dose of local artists, musicians and fabulous beer and cider, this yearly event showcasing Reo Town is one you won’t want to miss next year. I can’t wait to see what I’m a Beer Hound does next year to improve this already awesome celebration of craft brews and local art!

Aimee West

Aimee West

Is new to the craft beer scene but always willing and wanting to learn more.