Friday, August 03, 2012

Come Celebrate National Mead Day with B. Nektar, Dragonmead & Kuhnenn!

Written by  Ryan Ranspach
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On Saturday, August 4th, Motor City Brew Tours will be a hosting an event that is a bit of a change from their normal brew tours. Since it is National Mead Day, they will heading out to various meaderies (2 of which are also breweries) in the Detroit area. The event last from 12:00-3:00; tickets are $25 and include transportation, tours and samples at each of the three meaderies. The tour begins and ends at B. Nektar Meadery in Ferndale and coincides with their 4-year anniversary. It will then head to Dragonmead Brewery and Kuhnenn Brewery, then finish up back at B. Nektar for their anniversary party.
If you are unfamiliar with any or all of these, here's a bit of a rundown...

Come Celebrate National Mead Day with B. Nektar, Dragonmead & Kuhnenn!B. Nektar was opened in 2008 by Brad and Keri Dahlhofer. After years of avid homebrewing, the idea to launch their mead commercially began somewhat as a joke after receiving rave reviews from their wedding guests. As their meads began winning awards at homebrewing events, the joke became more of a reality and after Brad and his wife being victims of the recession's job-cuts, the meadery opened for business in August of 2008. Their meads continue to win awards and B. Nektar has been featured in several Detroit area media productions.

Dragonmead is a microbrewery in Warren that was opened in 1997 by three friends who all worked for a different branch of the "Big 3" automotive companies in Detroit. After messing around with a few home brew kits that tasted pretty good, they tried a few more with some different hops and grains and became obsessed. Already having the idea of going into business together in computers, they decided to start the brewery instead. Fifteen years later, Dragonmead continues to churn out great American and European style beers and win awards each year in the process.

Kuhnenn brewery is also in Warren and also has their own unique history. You see, they used to own and run the local, town hardware store but were unable to compete with the giant, big box hardware stores that began popping up everywhere in the mid 90's. Although they had brewing for a long time before, Kuhnenn's officially opened its doors for business in 2001. Nowadays, they brew about 80 different beers mostly in small batches, and they are known for brewing many different seasonal and experimental beers...and meads!

This should really be a great day, and we hope to see you out at National Mead Day 2012!