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Consider Yourself Lucky with These Michigan-Made Irish-Inspired Beers

Written by  Paul Starr
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You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy these fine Michigan-made, Irish-inspired craft beers – available on draft or bottle/can distribution around the state. Sláinte!
Arbor Brewing
  • Michael Faricy’s Irish Stout (5% ABV | 42 IBUS). This crowd-pleaser has a dark coffee-like appearance with a creamy head and smoky, roasted grain aromas. It is rich and creamy on the palate with chalky, burnt flavors balanced by lush dark chocolates and never turns too dry through the smoky finish. Full-flavored yet highly drinkable—rich and creamy without being thick or heavy.

Arcadia Ales
  • Brigid's Irish Red (5% ABV | 20 IBUs). The story of Brigid (pronounced "Breed") is one shrouded in mystery; equal parts pagan history and Catholic sainthood, the one thing that seems to hold true is that she embodies the fiery spirit of Ireland. Our paean to her is held within the confines of a fine Irish-style red ale, a proud exultation that is bright, bold, and smooth. Brewed with molasses for a hint of jammy dark fruit, low-medium hints of earthy hops come through, and creamy malt provides a calming backbone. A modest alcohol content keeps everything convivial, as there's plenty to toast come early spring.
  • Loch Down Scotch Ale (8.5% ABV | 63 IBUs). Our tribute to the Scottish Highlands, this beer offers a gorgeous garnet color joined by the aroma of ripe plums and freshly-baked biscuits. The rich, full-bodied texture reveals notes of roasted chestnuts and caramel in the smooth single-malt style brew. Balanced with just the right amount of hop character, this beer delights with crisp alcohol finish. Pairs well with roast leg of lamb, roast beef, wild game, smoked salmon, Manchego cheese and toffee pudding.

North Peak Beer
  • Sinuous Celtic Ale (5.5% ABV | 45 IBUs). A beer unlike any other, Sinuous joins together the subtle roast notes and malty finishes of an Irish Red with the crisp, hop forward features of a pale ale. A complex malt bill and three different kinds of hops will keep you satisfied during the crisp spring weather.

Rochester Mills Beer Co.
  • Rochester Red (5.9% ABV | 19 IBUs). This Irish-style red features a rich, malty flavor profile, medium body and a low level of hop. This beer pairs well with a variety of cheeses, burgers, pizza, chicken, pasta, and spicy dishes. This is a great “gateway” beer for introducing patrons to the craft beer segment

Rockford Brewing
  • Sheehan’s Irish Stout (5.3% ABV | 40 IBUs). This is a very smooth and creamy, yet dry, roasty Irish stout. It has the delicate aroma of fresh chocolate and roasted barley. The flavor is well-balanced with the subtle fruity characteristics of an Irish Ale yeast fermentation and rich layers of chocolate, coffee and dry roasted malts.
  • O’Briens Irish Red (5.6% ABV | 22 IBUs). Intended to be an easy-drinking pint, this Irish red ale is malt focused. The light to medium body is garnet in color with deep red hues. The flavor is defined by moderate caramel malt sweetness with a toasty or toffee-like quality that transitions to the light taste of roasted grain, which lends a characteristic clean, dry finish.
  • Cernunnos (8.5% ABV | 25 IBUs). Scotch Ales, not to be confused with the smaller “Scottish Ales”, are rich and intensely malty. This is full-bodied and a sweet, yet has a smooth clean finish from a long cool fermentation. An extended boil promotes kettle carmelization and yields a darker color, deeper malt complexity and slightly roasty character.

Shorts Brewing
  • Moher Stout (9.7% ABV | 30 IBUs). This is a medium-bodied Double Irish Stout with light roast malt and bitter cocoa aromas that lead into a big creamy mocha flavor. Aided by the addition of flaked oatmeal, the finish is exceptionally smooth, with only a slight dryness and moderate roasted bitterness.
  • Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout (4.5% ABV | 20 IBUs). Short’s version of the classic Irish Stout, complete with a dark color, soft head, and smooth full flavor typical of this lighter bodied beer. A simple grist formula provides a base of roasted malt flavors and a creamy drinkability everyone loves.

The Michigan Brewers Guild was formed in 1997 and held its first festival in July 1998. Today, the Guild hosts four festivals dedicated exclusively to Michigan craft beer produced by its nearly 150 member breweries.

Michigan’s thriving brewing industry conservatively contributes more than $144 million in wages with a total economic contribution of more than $277 million. In terms of overall number breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs, Michigan ranks #5 in the nation – thus supporting its claim as “The Great Beer State.”

The Guild exists to unify the community of brewers, to increase the sale of Michigan Craft Beer, to contribute culturally and economically throughout the state, and to monitor and assure a healthy brewing industry. By working collaboratively with proponents of craft beer, we strive to achieve a 10% share of all beer sold in Michigan by producing world-class events, increasing public awareness, educating consumers, and encouraging responsible consumption.
Paul Starr

Paul Starr

Paul Starr is the creator of the I'm a Beer Hound and one of the organizer and the driving force behind Art & Craft Beerfest, Lansing Beer Fest, Beerfest at the Ballpark Spring & Fall. When he's not working on Beer Hound he's probably watching the Lions, Tigers or Red Wings. Being a recent new Dad of twins, he doesn't have much extra time these days for mischief.