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The Brewers Guild U.P. Beer fest crowd was spectacular to see when we walked down toward the harbor in Marquette to get in line. Due to an early morning tweet, we knew the festival was sold out, and the crowd was going to be epic. One positive aspect of any of the guild festivals is how well run they are. Even with an huge crowd, and a line of people around the waterfront, the line is taken care of quickly and effortlessly once the festival is open. Which is great when you are excited to get in and try all the fabulous Michigan beers!
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On Monday, April 27, The History Press will add Upper Peninsula Beer: A History of Brewing Above the Bridge to its catalogue. Brewing came to the Upper Peninsula in the 1600s, when French fur traders substituted pine needles for hops in batches of spruce beer. Promoted as a health drink, the evergreen suds remained in favor with the British army when it occupied the region.
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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Marquette, The U.P.’s Beer City

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Even though Marquette is the largest city in the Upper Peninsula, at a little under 22,000 people, it’s hardly a booming metropolis. Being home to Northern Michigan University helps give it a vibrancy unique to the U.P. It wasn’t a surprise to me that, on a trip up there a few weeks ago, I found the city’s microbreweries to really cool spaces doing some quality beer.
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