Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cozy Up At The Newest Beer Grotto Location In Ann Arbor

Written by  Aimee West
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beer grotto ann arbor

We are waiting patiently for The Beer Grotto to open in Lansing. While we wait we decided to brave the cold and check out The Beer Grotto in Ann Arbor.
Located at the corner of Ashley and Liberty in Ann Arbor in the heart of downtown, The Beer Grotto welcomes you with its cozy interior and friendly staff. At first glance, it appears to be one large room but they have great little hidden areas in the back for small private groups.

The first little nook is by a large window with a great view of the outside patio area. In the summer, the outside space will be lush with flowers and seating. This looks like a great private spot to work on the next great novel or just to get out of the office and enjoy a change of scenery.

Another area for small groups is an inside balcony space with a view of both the patio and the back of the pub. This intimate balcony is perfect for a small gathering of people. The entire space will hold 70 people comfortably with another 15 on the patio come spring.

What I love about going to any Beer Grotto is the staff. Everyone is incredibly knowledgeable about beer and friendly to boot. They don't mind if you ask crazy questions and since I am just learning sometimes I feel like all my questions are a little crazy. With 36 craft beers on tap and 24 wines available, the helpful staff can certainly guide you in the direction of something you will like.

While talking to Jake the Director of Marketing, Beer Grotto Ann Arbor he mentioned that, “Excellent customer service is really the first goal of all Beer Grotto locations. We really try to fill the stores with 'beer geeks' and 'cork dorks' for that very reason. We want educated people to be able to help you find what you what.” It really takes us back to the Beer Grotto motto, “Taste It. Love It. Tote It.”

We had picked up lobster bisque from Le Dog's (located at 306 S. Main St.) and brought it to enjoy with our beer. The “beer geek” on staff suggested to pair a Russian Imperial Stout with the creamy soup and it indeed go well together. The dark malty flavors complimented the lobster bisque nicely. Since The Beer Grotto does not have a kitchen, patrons welcome to bring food from any commercial restaurants. If you decide you are hungry while there you can order from the Grange Kitchen and Bar for a small delivery fee.

We had a wonderful time soaking up The Beer Grotto atmosphere and trying different beers on tap. I can't wait to see what the Lansing location looks like. If Dexter and Ann Arbor are any indication, it will be a wonderful space to enjoy a beer and meet up with friends.

Aimee West

Aimee West

Is new to the craft beer scene but always willing and wanting to learn more.