Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap of No Fr@cking Way event at Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Written by  Dan VanderKooi
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 no fracking way

Barley, hops, yeast, and water. These four ingredients all play a pivotal if not essential roles in the beverage we all know and love as beer. Of the four, water may be the most often overlooked and taken for granted. While each ingredient plays a key role in the brewing process, any good brewmaster will tell you that a great beer is nothing without good water as a foundation to build upon. Michigan would certainly not be the great beer State that it is without being blessed with the abundance of great drinking water that our Great Lakes provide.
No Fr@cking Way is a series of events intending to promote clean water and raise awareness. Grand Rapids Brewing Company hosted the first of these events with a special collaborative beer, the No Fr@cking Way Imperial IPA featuring Michigan Chinook and Brewer’s Gold Hops from New Mission Organics hop farm. Also fresh on tap is the Log Jammer Maibock German-style lager. The movie Gasland was screened for the event to raise awareness of fracking and the threat it poses to our clean Michigan water. Fracking is specific method of natural gas drilling which can have a severe negative impact on our water and our environment. More information on the film and it’s sequel can be found here:

Free appetizers were provided for attendees of the event as well as an informational booth for those interested in learning more and helping to supporting the cause. $1 from each pint sold of the No Fr@cking Way Imperial IPA as well as 50% of the proceeds from T-Shirt sales and additional merchandise from the event was donated to the Kent County Water Conservation and Hopcat East Lansing will be hosting the next No Fr@cking Way event on May 20th from 6 to 9 PM; be sure to check it out to check it out and show your support for clean Michigan water!


Dan VanderKooi

Dan VanderKooi

Dan VK has been following the Michigan Craft Beer scene since before Oberon has been available in 6-packs. Besides making the rounds at all the local craft breweries and beer bars, Dan also supports the local music scene, reads crime fiction, and enjoys playing volleyball with his wife and friends.