Monday, August 03, 2015

Celebrate Michigan Craft Beer Month at Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub

Written by  Paul Starr
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Michigan is known as “The Great Beer State” and you can get a flavor of this thriving craft beer scene at Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub in Marshall, both with draft beer and select menu items.
Visitors to Schuler’s Restaurant and Pub will find that all eight draft taps feature Michigan craft beer, including Schuler’s Brew, made by the famous Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo County. These draft features change seasonally, but always include at least one selection from nearby Dark Horse Brewing Company.

Tapping into its own neighborhood microbrewery, Chef Renee Hogge whips up Schuler’s Swiss Onion Soup—made with Dark Horse beer, crusted with melted gruyere and parmesan cheeses; as well a local favorite, Fish & Chips—a light and crispy Dark Horse beer-battered Atlantic cod recipe.

Dark Horse also delivers spent grain to the Schuler’s bakery team weekly. This brewing byproduct is added to several of the homemade bread and roll recipes, adding to the texture and complexity of the baked goods. These items not only are used in various menu items at Schuler’s but at Dark Horse as well.

Since opening in 1997, the award-winning Dark Horse has gained a hold in the craft beer industry – with a portfolio of 19 unique products, distributed in 13 states and Europe. The brewery is ranked by as one of the 100 Top Craft Breweries in America. Currently, Michigan ranks #5 in the United States for the number of overall craft breweries, with nearly 200 (and growing). According to the Michigan Brewers Guild, the industry collectively contributes more than $144 million in wages, with a total economic contribution of more than $277 million.

“I like beer. I like to make beer. I like to make people happy who like our beer. It is a wonderful world after all,” Dark Horse Owner / Brewer Aaron Morse says in his website bio. “Drink more beer. Don’t stop at one kind, try them all. Beer drinking is a wonderful thing—it is a passion fruit, it is a love of life.”

Morse, a life-long third-generation resident of Marshall, has catapulted Dark Horse into the international spotlight. In 2014, the company was also the subject of its own television series on The History Channel, called Dark Horse Nation—which highlighted the brewery as well as the community of Marshall.

“Our community is fortunate to be home to one of the most recognized craft breweries in the Midwest,” says third-generation owner Hans Schuler. “Marshall embraces those who have passion for their business and understand the meaning of hospitality in providing a quality experience to locals and visitors. Aaron Morse and his crew at Dark Horse consistently bring new faces into town and that provides us an opportunity to introduce our authentic destination to a new generation.”

Looking to take home a beer-inspired souvenir from Schuler’s? Several of the bakery items are available for purchase in the lobby, along with logoed pint glasses and growlers which can be filled with any of your favorite Michigan craft beers for enjoyment at home.

Founded in 1909, the iconic Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub epitomizes hospitality excellence as a family owned and operated business. Located in downtown historic Marshall, Schuler’s is recognized as world-class Michigan destination focused on offering guests quality food and excellent service, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Paul Starr

Paul Starr

Paul Starr is the creator of the I'm a Beer Hound and one of the organizer and the driving force behind Art & Craft Beerfest, Lansing Beer Fest, Beerfest at the Ballpark Spring & Fall. When he's not working on Beer Hound he's probably watching the Lions, Tigers or Red Wings. Being a recent new Dad of twins, he doesn't have much extra time these days for mischief.