Monday, June 09, 2014

Eaton Pub & Grille celebrates 5 year anniversary with brewing their own!

Written by  Jane Nordberg
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After five years of providing downtown Charlotte with an abundant selection of craft brews from across Michigan, the Eaton Pub & Grille expanded March 5 into brewing its own.
“We wanted to do something to mark our five-year anniversary,” said Terry Davis, co-owner with his wife, Samantha, of the thriving restaurant opened next door to his parents’ 30-year establishment. “It’s not something we thought about from the get-go, but it seems like a natural evolution.”

Taking advantage of Terry’s long-term friendship with brewmaster Jasson Orbeck, the two have developed a great range of about 10 beers regularly on tap at any time. The Summer Fling White IPA (4.7%) and the Davis Double IPA (8.4%) bookend some unique offerings, such as the Bombshell Belgian blonde ale (5.1%), a complex golden without the yeast overload typical of some Belgians, and the Red Eye java vanilla stout (5%), a lighter, drier stout that is less sweet than most. Sampler flights are the way to go here, as Orbeck’s deft hand with flavor balancing shines in all of the offerings. Fruit notes of grapefruit and banana are present but not overpowering, gleaned only from yeast and not through extracts.

Orbeck and Davis collaborate on what to offer next, with an ear toward customer requests. They’re on their third batch of a very popular Strawberry Pail (5.2%), and the Crazy Woman Creek (5.7%) is also a fan favorite.

“Charlotte likes IPAs, as do we,” Davis said. “There’s always a lot of interest in what we’re brewing next.”

Currently brewing is a Castaway coconut porter, which should be ready in a few weeks.

“We’ve been working towards brewing for about a year and a half, so there was a lot of interest when we launched our own beers,” Davis said. “Everything we’re making is selling, so that’s the best feedback we can ask for.”

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Jane Nordberg

Jane Nordberg

Jane Nordberg comes from a long line of beer lovers, culminating in the title of her master’s thesis being “Get Me a Couple of Stroh’s: Dialect Sustainability Among Brits in Detroit.” Until recently, she resided in the Upper Peninsula where, as a reporter and managing editor, she wrote about Michigan beer whenever possible. She has written about the Western U.P.’s microbrew scene, among other topics, for Lake Superior Magazine. She is currently a freelance writer living in the Lansing area with her husband, Erik, who enjoys riding shotgun on trips to brew pubs.