Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Block Brewing Company In Howell Is Now Open

Written by  Aimee West
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block brewing grand opening article

Get to Howell and check out Block Brewery! When you first get out of your car take a moment and look at the building. The outside wall facing the parking lot has a row of windows where you can look into the brewing area.
The entire space has a open and welcoming warmth to it with the bar area and kitchen toward the center of the room. The walls are all trimmed in rich colored wood that makes you want to call your friends to hang out for the day.

We sat at the bar so that we could talk to the bartender and the people around the bar. The booths located toward the front of the building look like a wonderful area to sit and relax with plenty of natural light and a view of the brewing area. Past the bar toward the back of the building are plenty of tables and chairs for diners and large groups.

We had a wonderful lunch and flight! With a choice of Block Brewery beers and other local craft breweries on tap there is plenty to choose from. We chose a flight of Block Brewery stouts and were pleased from start to finish. Our top two were Wired and Burt Sugga.

Wired is a unique blend of 5.3% of Transporter (a deep ale brewed with roasted malts, touches of chocolate, toffee, and caramel) that is then brewed with locally roasted coffee. This makes for a lovely finish and a perfect drink for a cold day. Brown Sugga was by far my favorite with its warm brown sugar notes and hint of coffee this beer will be the beginning of epic stories.

Everything on the menu is created in house and as Tom Block said “When you have a smoker as nice as ours, you know what is going to be on the menu.” We could not agree more! We ordered the Brisket sandwich and the Pulled BBQ sandwich. Both were delicious and the custom sauces they have available just added to the flavors. I can't wait to go back and try everything on the menu.

We also received a tour of the brewery area. I loved that the space over looks both the front area where the booths are located and with the bank of windows along the parking lot side there is plenty of natural light coming in. Creating a wonderful space to create fabulous beer in.

The entire space of Block Brewery has been well thought out from the layout of the space to the decor chosen. If they show this much attention to detail about the space they are working in, I see many medals for the future beers they produce.

About Block Brewing:

Block Brewing Company was built on the passion and love for creating tasty craft beers and our desire to share this passion with the community and guests alike. Our master brewer, Tom Block, has had more than twenty years of experience, being involved with some of the most popular and respected breweries across the state of Michigan, and even teaching fermentation science to students at Michigan State University.

Aimee West

Aimee West

Is new to the craft beer scene but always willing and wanting to learn more.