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The Filling Station is the Latest Brewery to Open in Traverse City

The Filling Station is the latest of several new breweries to open in the Traverse City area. Located in a former historic railroad depot with great with views of nearby Boardman Lake, 8 or more “tracks” of internationally themed beers are offered with styles ranging from Bacharach Golden to Dublin Stout. The expansive outdoor patio can accommodate up to one hundred beer thirsty travelers.

Review of Jolly Pumpkin and the Production Facility for North Peak Beer in Traverse City

Northern Michigan's Old Mission Peninsula is home to the State's third largest capacity brewery following Founders and Bell's. This is the current bottling and production facility for North Peak beer; however, the restaurant and pub next door bear the name Jolly Pumpkin. So what is the connection? The key is a brewing collaborative that spans from the north-western Traverse City south-east to Dexter and Ann Arbor known as the Northern United Brewing Company.

Short's Brewing Company: Brewery Review

If Joe Short is the Willy Wonka of Beer then the Shorts pub and microbrewery in Bellaire, Michigan is his “Chocolate Factory.” For the already infinitely seeming variety of beers available in 6-packs produced at the main facility in Elk Rapids, the pub (and fully functioning microbrewery in it's own right,) is also a source of an even greater variety of beers. With 20 beers on tap all the time and many pub exclusives, it is no wonder that beer enthusiasts from around the world seek out this, the public headquarters of the pro-Michigan brewery.

Right Brian Brewery: A Beer and a Haircut?

A beer and a haircut? How about a beer at Traverse City's premier microbrewery featuring 16 plus unique taps and a cut at an upscale salon complete with head and neck massage with hot towel finish. Right Brain and the adjoining Salon Saloon offer just that, and I couldn't resist the opportunity. Firestarter Chipotle Porter was my beverage of choice, and a clipper cut #3 all over got me in the door even though it was close to closing time for the salon.

Brewery Review of White Flame Brewing Company in Hudsonville

White Flame is Hudsonville's first brewery, which is quite an accomplishment for a City that still had an alcohol ban in place only a few years ago. Currently serving 5 taps, including “Golden Boy,” a 4.5% domestic ale targeting lighter beer drinkers that made it's debut last year at Hopcat's Hoptoberfest. All of White Flame's initial offerings range between 4.5% and 6.0% alcohol. A variety of styles are available from IPAs, to a porter and an oatmeal Stout.
Friday, February 17, 2012

Brewery Review of Harmony Brewing Company

Written by Dan VanderKooi

Harmony Brewing Company | Grand Rapids

Harmony Brewing Company is so new there was not yet a sign on the building when my friends & I visited earlier this week. If you are considering a stop soon, note the address of 1551 Lake Dr. SE, right in the heart of Grand Rapid's Eastown (and right off of Wealthy St. as well.) Locals may also recognize the location as the former Jack's Liquor Store. We knew we were in the right place when we spotted one of the bartenders of Grand Haven's Odd Side Ales leaving the premises, singing the praises of the chocolate honey porter.
Friday, February 03, 2012

Witch's Hat Brewing Company: Brewery Review

Written by Patti Smith

Witch's Hat Brewing Company - Brewery Review

Two hours to get in on opening day? Lines around the block? Completely full even days after the opening? Wow! This place had better be good.

I am talking, of course, about the newest brewpub in Michigan: the Witches Hat Brewpub in South Lyon. Witches Hat opened for business on December 26 with, as mentioned above, crowds and lines and long waits to get in. Before we even talk about how good the place is--and it IS good--I want to mention how awesome this spectacular opening is for the state of Michigan and the state of craft beer. Other than midnight releases of Harry Potter, when is the last time you've heard of anything like this?! It was like an, err, "mash" mob (if you will allow me to rip off that term) descended upon the new brewpub and worked it.
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bad Bear Brewing - Brewery Review

Written by Tammie Wahl

Bad Bear Brewing - Their Flight Of Beers

Bad Bear Brewing is one of the most recent breweries to open in this great beer state of ours. Bad Bear is located within Sleeping Bear Winery in Albion, Mi. A couple weeks ago Paul and I decided to take a drive to visit Bad Bear for dinner. When you walk in the door, to the left you have the tasting room for Sleeping Bear and to the right you have a well decorated brewery.
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