Monday, May 14, 2012

The First Taste of Perrin Brewing Company at Hopcat

Written by  Dan Miller
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The First Taste of Perrin Brewing Company at Hopcat

This summer the Greater Grand Rapids area will have another brewery for beer lovers to quench their thirst at: Perrin Brewing Company. Even though they’re not open yet, they had a special “First Drip” tapping last week of their Vanilla Porter at Hopcat in downtown Grand Rapids. I’ve been to Hopcat when it’s busy and slow. On a Tuesday evening they usually draw a decent crowd thanks to their half off beer special starting at 6pm, but last Tuesday was something special.
When you first walk in to Hopcat the first table you see is a large rustic looking wooden table that would almost fit my dad’s family…he’s one of 14 kids. It’s a great table if you’re got a large party, but if you’re there insupport of Perrin Brewing Co., this table looks like a modern day airline seat. The turn out in support of theirfirst ever tapping was fantastic! If you peeked into the window of any neighboring business it looked like a typical Tuesday night: small crowd. If you then looked into Hopcat, you probably stopped in to see why the place was packed.

Hype can certainly deflate balloons holding up the excitement of many different things. For Perrin Brewing Co., it added altitude. For a brand new brewing company, their Vanilla Porter tasted like they will hit the groundrunning. And when they do, I hope I’m there at the start of the race. If you’re a beer lover, this is a brewery to keep your taste buds on. If their porter is a sign of things to come, it definitely adds to why Grand Rapids is one of the best beer cities in the US. In Charlie Papazian BeerCity USA Poll, Grand Rapids tied with Ashville for BeerCity USA 2012 title. 

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