Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Beer. Autism. Hope. Movement

Written by  Paul Starr
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April is Autism Awareness Month. Please join this Tuesday, April 8th for #BeerAutismHope Day! On that day America’s greatest breweries, autism organizations and families nationwide will take to Facebook, Twitter and beyond to share one message: #BeerAutismHope! Please join us in launching Lance’s movement. Lance’s Brewery Tour and the #BeerAutismHope movement all go to provide inspiration, scholarships, family assistance and aid to the autism community. 
HOW: Share the #BeerAutismHope movement on Facebook or Twitter.

WHAT: Please do any or all of the following: share a Lance’s Brewery Tour image of your choice with a “We support Lance’s Brewery Tour and the #BeerAutismHope Movement” message. Change your cover photo and profile picture for one day and post a "we support #BeerAutismHopeMessage." 

**Please tag us on Facebook (Lance's Brewery Tour) and Twitter (@LanceKnowsBeer) and link to www.lancesbrewerytour.com/BeerAutismHope

WHEN: April 8th all day! We will be responding and re-posting throughout! 

Your participation in the #BeerAutismHope movement helps establish an autism charity and share the heart of Lance’s Brewery Tour with the world. Lance’s Room, a charity founded in Lance’s honor, provides scholarships, job-training, aid and inspiration to the autism community (www.lancesroom.org).  We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and belief in Lance’s Brewery Tour and the #BeerAutismHope movement. We could not have done this without you! 



Aaron Rice

Lance's Brewery Tour Director 


Chris Thomas

Lance's Brewery Tour Producer 


Paul Starr

Paul Starr

Paul Starr is the creator of the I'm a Beer Hound and one of the organizer and the driving force behind Art & Craft Beerfest, Lansing Beer Fest, Beerfest at the Ballpark Spring & Fall. When he's not working on Beer Hound he's probably watching the Lions, Tigers or Red Wings. Being a recent new Dad of twins, he doesn't have much extra time these days for mischief.