Sixth Michigan Cask Ale Festival at Ashley’s to Showcase Largest Selection in the State

More Than 1,000 Expected to Attend Unique, Newly Expanded Event
The Michigan Cask Ale Festival returns Saturday, May 4, to Ashley’s Beer & Grill, 7525 Wayne Rd., with expanded hours and the largest lineup of cask-conditioned and served beers in the Festival’s six-year history – and the largest available at one time anywhere in the state.
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Wolverine State Brewing Company

Leading The Lager Revolution Into 2013
The Wolverine State Brewing Company is expanding for the second time in two years.  With the arrival and installation of new fermentation and conditioning tanks being added to its cellaring operation, the brewery’s production capacity is doubling. Sales in 2012 exceeded company expectations with nearly 1100 barrels sold between retail and wholesale business.
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Wolverine Brewing and RoosRoast to Collaborate on Coffee Beer

The Wolverine State Brewing Company is collaborating with RoosRoast Coffee to create a unique, coffee-infused lager: The Barista. THE BARISTA brings two of Ann Arbor’s new and successful businesses together for the project for the first time.
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Recap of American made Oktoberfest's at Ashely's in Ann Arbor!

Before I changed careers and became a teacher…before I moved to a college town…before I started following my religion again…September has always felt like the “new year” to me. The weather changes (sometimes drastically), people start buying new school clothes and there’s just a general feeling of settling into a new routine. Something else wonderful happens every fall: Oktoberfest beers start appearing at our favorite pubs!

Homegrown Festival: Homegrown Food Music and of Course—Beer!

Last weekend, Ann Arbor hosted its fifth annual Homegrown Festival. Yeah, yeah, I can hear all of the pot jokes you naughty folks are making but seriously folks, this thing is a winner.  The festival brings together farmers, gardeners, nonprofit groups, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and brewers—all under one big tent! There was music, tons of food and a most wonderful beer tent where I am not at all ashamed to say I spent most of my time.
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Ann Arbor Welcomes Mash at Blue Tractor, a bourbon and beer bar

Located on E. Washington in downtown Ann Arbor, Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery recently expanded hiring 20 employees and taking over the space formerly occupied by Café Habana. The lower level is now occupied by Mash at Blue Tractor – a beer, whiskey and bourbon bar that specializes in the craft cocktail tradition.
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The lovely Rene Greff!

The flying cars and the jetpacks never really thrilled me. I knew even before I ever stepped foot on an airplane that I would hate flying. And, hate on me if you must, but I love cars—always have and always will. Many of my childhood cartoons spoke of flying this and flying that and so to me, the magical “21st century” never looked all that awesome. None of that stuff really spoke of the future to me.
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Tuity Fruity: Recap of Arbor Brewing Company Fruit Beer Tasting

For the longest time, I eschewed fruit beers. I’m not really sure why except that it might have started the first time I ever drank a Corona, which of course had the eponymous lime wedged into its neck. I remember thinking, “Huh! This is kinda good!” and then I realized that what was “good” was the freaking lime. (Speaking of Limes, is there a cooler dude than Harry Lime in The Third Man? I mean, that fat dude who sold no more wine before its time was spot on in that role…spot on).
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Michigan's First Solar Brewery Goes On-line

Ann Arbor’s first brewpub is poised to become Michigan’s first solar brewery when it goes online with a $95K solar-thermal and photovoltaic system on June 11, 2012. Arbor Brewing Company’s sustainable energy system will use the sun’s energy to generate electricity as well as the majority of the hot water needed for brewery and restaurant operations.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Brews Crews Wants YOU!

2012 Brews Crews Wants YOU!

Really, it was the nail polish remover smell that got me to think about beer judging. Specifically, it was the fact that I was sitting at a table with a bunch of guys and none of them could place the smell in the glass. I finally took the glass, sniffed and said, “Oh for Pete’s sake! That’s nail polish remover!”
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