Friday, August 30, 2013

Harmony Brewing Co. to host first High Five Co-Op Buy-In Party on Sept. 9th!

Written by  Dan VanderKooi
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 Harmony Brewing Company to host first High Five Co-Op Buy-In Party on Sept. 9th

High Five Co-op Brewing will be celebrating their successful incorporation as a legal entity with their first ever buy-in party to be held at Harmony Brewing Co. at 6 PM on Monday, September 9th. The event is the first of several planned and will include the tapping of the Co-Op recipe Peppercorn and Michigan Mint Wheat IPA. The brew evolved from a series of previous tastings of which variations of the Wheat IPA has proven to be one of the favorites. Other High Five recipes will debut soon, likely to be more at Harmony Brewing Co. and other locations throughout Beer City USA and include more opportunities to buy-in to the Co-Op.
Harmony Brewing Company to host first High Five Co-Op Buy-In Party on Sept. 9thThe High Five concept of a cooperatively owned owned brewery first gained ground back in December 2011 with a $5,000 prize awarded by the DeVos 5X5 night. The road to legal existence provided significant challenges leading to their recent successful incorporation including the current 9 seat board of directors. This board evolved from a series of committees that were enacted early on. Currently, in addition to the board, the High Five Brewing Committee currently exists to focus on the brewing and recipe aspect while other details like a location and equipment are worked on concurrently. The current focus has been on Eastown or a nearby location.

The initial “buy-in” fee of $150 is good for an assigned lifetime membership number and certificate. The price is on par with what many brewery mug clubs have to offer, but in the case of High Five Co-Op, in addition to many of the “traditional” mug club-type perks, membership also entitled members with a true opportunity to be an active and contributing brewery owner with a say in how things are done as well as an educational window in on the whole brewing process.

Benefits include:

one equal vote in board elections and anything the board may bring to a general poll opportunity to run for the board of directors employment opportunities member discount/member nights member only parties monthly member homebrewer contest volunteer with the brewers opportunities member id card

In addition to additional buy-in opportunities, a kickstarter campaign is expected to be launched in the near future to allow additional contribution incentives. Members must be over 21 and Michigan residents, so be prepared to present legal identification if planning on signing on. More info can be found on the High Five Co-Op Brewery website:

and for an entertaining look at “What the F$*K is a Co-Op?” check out the following video from High Five Co-Op members with help from O’Connor’s Home Brew Supply and Tell Tale Productions

Dan VanderKooi

Dan VanderKooi

Dan VK has been following the Michigan Craft Beer scene since before Oberon has been available in 6-packs. Besides making the rounds at all the local craft breweries and beer bars, Dan also supports the local music scene, reads crime fiction, and enjoys playing volleyball with his wife and friends.