Thursday, November 06, 2014

Brite Eyes Brewing Co. Brings Coffee Lovers and Craft Beer Connoisseurs Together

Written by  Aimee West
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What do you do when your wife loves coffee and you love craft beer? You open a coffee house and brewery called Brite Eyes Brewing Co.
Brian Pierece, Brite Eyes founder and brewer, had this to say “My wife does not drink. I love craft beer, but when I drag her to a craft beer bar they don't always have something for her.”

I think that everyone can say they have been in that same situation a time or two. Which is why this is such a great idea. I can stop in for an early cup of coffee, enjoy the art and then come back for lunch or dinner where I enjoy a craft beer with friends. This sounds like a perfect day.

Brian says “It's going to be a unique atmosphere. We're going to have a merch area that will be like a little general store and Kalamazoo gift shop. Very similar to Made in Kalamazoo. We'll have our stuff, some craft folks who have merchandise, a newsstand, so you can grab a paper, coffee you can take home, bread from Victorian Bakery.

As a musician, former deli worker and home brewer, he brings a passion to Brite Eyes that is apparent when you talk to him. They have been in fund raising mode for the past year and are very excited to move on to the building stage in November. “We're thinking about two months build out and then a soft opening period where we have a coffee house and deli going while we're being licensed for the brewhouse. Once we can serve beer we'll have the grand opening in the spring.”

When you stop in Brite Eyes during the day, you will enjoy a functioning coffee house and lunch spot. Where you can enjoy locally roasted coffee from Johnny Java and a menu of gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups. Then during the late afternoon and evening you will see the brewery emerge with craft beer and gourmet dinner items.

Brian wants Brite Eyes “to be more of a place where people come with their laptops and get some work done, or have a business lunch, maybe come after work for a couple drinks.” He also had this to say, we wanted “Somewhere to bring the coffeehouse world and the brewery world together – somewhere where you can sit and hang out with friends no matter what you choose to drink.”

They are currently planning to open until 9pm during the week and 11pm on the weekend. With hopes that people from South Burdick will either stop on the way home or start and end the day there.

With plans to start small and with plenty of room available to grow into, I see nothing but success for this happy coffee and craft beer loving couple.

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Aimee West

Aimee West

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