Monday, September 02, 2013

Batch Brewing Company Wins Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest!

Written by  Patti Smith
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Batch Brewing Company Wins Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest

Cinderella said that a dream is a wish our heart makes. That certainly may be true, but for those of us who aren’t cartoon characters and who don’t live in a castle…well, dreams take money. There are a few ways to get this initial capital—trust fund (sign me up please), rich dead relative (ditto), bank loan (difficult for any start-up) or the Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest. And this year, the winner of Hatch Detroit was none other than Batch Brewing Company!
Batch Brewing Company LogoBrewer/owner Stephen Roginson found out that Batch Brewing won in a rather spectacular fashion. The four finalists appeared before a group of over 100 people and answered questions from a panel of judges. The judges then cleared the room to deliberate while the finalists adjourned to the roof top. After many tense moments, the judges reappeared, announced the winner and handed over a big check. “Not at all nerve wracking,” Roginson laughed.

The money will be used to purchase brewing equipment. That equipment can then be used as collateral for a bank loan. This money was “truly the missing piece”, Roginson said. This equipment will eventually produce beers like Son of a Batch IPA, Brown Chicken brown Ale, EtheriALE Belgian strong ale and a golden ale. These beers will accompany seasonal beers so that six to eight beers will be available at any given time.

A homebrewer since he was 19 years old, Roginson wanted a space to brew—a “coworking space for homebrewers”. When he found out that the license for that sort of venture was the same as a license for a brewpub, he decided to go for it. And thus began the dream that is Batch Brewing Company.

The brewpub is located one storefront away from the historic baseball corner of Michigan and Trumbell in Corktown. Right now, Roginson and his partners are working on building out the space and getting equipment into it.

Roginson hopes that the brewpub will be open by the first of the year or shortly thereafter. And thanks to the Comerica Hatch Detroit award, they are one step closer. There will be beers and good times and fun—a happy ending that will rival even Cinderella’s!

Patti Smith

Patti Smith

Patti “TeacherPatti” Smith lives in Ann Arbor with Boyfriend Ken, her dog Buddy and her stepcats Ali and Cyrus. She is a special education teacher by day, local history buff and brew drinker by night (see the hybrid history/beer blog at She also loves watching most Detroit sports on TV, boxing, brewing beer, storytelling, board games and recently wrote a middle grade/YA book that she hopes to convince a publisher to publish! Meantime, she is working on a book about the history of downtown Ann Arbor for Arcadia publishers. Her favorite beer styles include Russian Imperial Stout, pumpkin beers, Kolschs and most things with peppers in them.