Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recap of 2012 Founders Brewing Company's Black Party

Written by  Dan Miller
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Recap of 2012 Founders Brewing Co. Black Party

Once again the popularity of Founders Brewing Company drew enough people to form a line outside that seemed to last throughout the day. Last time it was the release of KBS and this time it was their 11th Annual Black Party; a day where they do a tap take-over on themselves making 14 of 16 beers on tap black, seven of which were just for the Black Party.
Recap of 2012 Founders Brewing Co. Black PartyFounders always seems to draw a good crowd that seems to be in good spirits. How could they not? They’re at Founders! And the Black Party was no different. To attend the Black Party, you had to pay $10, but that came with a commemorative glass and a ticket for a class one beer, but more importantly, access to a menu of more than a dozen great beers.

I was with pretty much the same group of people I was with last year and we repeated the same great idea we stumbled upon then: everyone order a different beer and share it with the table. Sure you can order each one and drink it all yourself, but with nine of the beers being 7% abv. or higher, you might not remember all of them…or leave with as much money left in your bank account.

Recap of 2012 Founders Brewing Company's Black PartyIn addition to the great beers, there was also the great food. Since opening in this location, Founders has established a great sandwich menu with a lot of variety. They also have great appetizers perfect for placing in the middle of the table for everyone to munch on. And on a day like today, an empty stomach is not a smart idea.

When talking about Founders, it seems impossible not to mention KBS and CBS. Some people showed up for this event expecting one or the other or both to be on tap as soon as they opened, but that was not the case. It wasn't until 5PM that KBS was tapped and to be there when that happened was a very exciting moment. The Rumor seemed to pass through the entire building in a matter of seconds and it was fallowed by this dramatic drop in the energy level of everyone in the place, but it was only dropped because it seemed everyone all stopped to suck in a huge breath of air to scream out in cheers when one of the bartenders jumped up on the bar and held a KBS sign over his head so everyone could see. It was an awesome moment! At that time, you were either in line for KBS or sitting at a table hoping that they’ll allow your friend to buy two glasses…and hoping that one of them is yours as you hold their seat.

KBS is surely an excellent beer. As for the beers made special for this day, my two favorites were Backwoods Bastard (know as Dirty Darkness last year – basically Backwoods Bastard had something added to make it black) and Rock Me Like a Maple Cane (Black IPA aged in maple bourbon barrels). If you head down to Founders over the next couple of days, you might get lucky and find a few beers from the Black Party are stilt on tap.

Photos by Lynell Shooks/Lizzie Photo and to see more CLICK HERE