Monday, August 03, 2015

Brewtopia, A Monthly Traverse City Event You Do Not Want To Miss

Written by  Jennifer Hamilton
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If there is one monthly event you do not want to miss in Traverse City, it is Brewtopia. Presented and hosted at Right Brain Brewery, this food and beer pairing is uncomparable to any other pairing in the region. Often, the food is made in-house by Chef Mike to accompany the beers. At other times, the beer masters partner with other local eateries to create pairings that were previously unthinkable.
July’s Brewtopia was a six-course pairing of various cheesecakes from the Underground Cheesecake Company. Each course was outstanding, but two in particular were exceptional. The Dead Kettle IPA paired with the Blue Cheese and Bacon Savory Cheesecake was rich, savory, and perfectly salty. It was delightfully unexpected from a cheesecake. The last course consisted of the CEO Stout paired with brownies that had been baked with CEO Stout. Rich and chocolaty with a hint of coffee, this grand finale made everyone gasp (literally).

Pairings of the past include tastings done with Traverse City’s Cheese Lady, pig-themed courses prepared by Chef Mike (bacon in EXCESS), and beer infusions created by head brewer, Nick Panchame. Each month is a new and creative way to see what kinds of foods go with the many beer styles available and how those flavors compare and contrast on the palate.

There are two supreme components of Brewtopia that make me giddy. The first is how inexpensive it is. Many food and alcohol pairings in this region are largely overpriced, making it unfeasible to attend multiple of them. Brewtopia ranges from $5 to $12, depending on the amount of courses and the food served. The prices along with the communal picnic tables make this a laid-back atmosphere, allowing people to get friendly with each other. Additionally, Right Brain offers punch cards for Brewtopia. For every four Brewtopias you attend, the next one is free. What a steal!

Stay in touch with Right Brain’s website or Facebook page to find out the date of the next monthly Brewtopia. The next pairing is certain to be a unique, wondrous experience. If you can’t make it to Brewtopia, I recommend heading to Right Brain Brewery anyway for your next meal. The beer speaks for itself, and Chef Mike is a culinary mastermind.

Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton has lived in various cities around the great state of Michigan and presently resides in Traverse City. When not drinking, examining, and researching the great craft beers offered in this region, Jennifer can be found trying to balance her marathon training schedule, day job, MSW course load, and three rambunctious dogs.  In Jennifer's professional opinion, beer is the glue that holds a busy schedule together; she spends a lot of time testing said theory.