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The 15 Most Wanted Brews at MBG Fall Fest 2013

Written by  Ben Darcie
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 The 15 Most Wanted Brews at Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Fest 2013

October is here, and the beer community is gearing up for the Michigan Brewer's Guild's fourth and final festival of the year at Eastern Market in Detroit. The Guild is welcoming 60 breweries to the grounds this year, representing over 400 Michigan Brews.
The festival takes place over two days this weekend, with the Friday session from 5-9pm and the Saturday session going from 1-6pm. There will be live music both days and food from various local restaurants to fuel your day.

The beer selection for this festival is particularly good, seeing as many Michigan Hopyards have recently gone to harvest, providing many breweries the opportunity to make a Harvest Ale. There are quite a few to choose from this festival from many different different breweries, so be sure to indulge in this seasonal delight this weekend!

There are still quite a few pumpkin ales dotting the list, along with some Oktoberfests. The weather is starting to turn colder, so we're seeing the dark beers coming out to play, along with a surprising amount of Barrel Aged goodness ready for your tasting.

Here the list of my 15 most wanted brews at Fall Fest 2013!
(list presented in no particular order)

Darkhorse 'Top Fuel' Barrel Aged Barleywine

Just the idea of Darkhorse bringing a Barleywine gets me excited, and to have the chance to get at a barrel aged version is even more intriguing!

Livery Barrel Aged Perzik White Wine BA Wild Ale w/ Peaches

Livery does a great job with their sour program, and this one caught my attention right away. Just the description promises it's going to be a tart adventure, can't wait to try it!

Kuhnhenn 'Fluffer' Session IPA

With the 'session beer' wave going on right now, there are quite a few session ales to try. Not many of the session IPAs had done much for me, until I had the Fluffer at Summer Fest. For those of you looking for a great session IPA, give this one a try.

Right Brain 'Broken Nose' Wet Hopped Double Black IPA

Among the many harvest ales present for this fest, this one definitely stood out. I'm excited to try a wet hop version of this monster style!

Hopcat 'Kiwi's Playhouse' Berlinerweisse Fermented With Kiwis

The Hopcat brewery has been turning out some great sours, and this one is no exception. For you sour lovers, this Kiwi Berliner should definitely be on your list!

Greenbush Barrel Aged Series

Greenbush is bringing quite a variety of beers to this festival, and there are many shining stars in their list, but these are the brews I'm most excited about from their list.

  • Barrel-Aged The Birds Sing a Pretty Song – Blackberry Porter
  • Barrel-Aged Cabra Perdida – Imperial Blueberry Cream Stout
  • Barrel-Aged Doomslayer – Maple Brown Ale
  • Barrel-Aged Resignation – Milk Stout
  • Barrel-Aged One and the Same – Raspberry Ale
  • Barrel-Aged Rye Porter – Rye Porter
  • Barrel-Aged Unicorn Killer – Pumpkin Ale
  • Barrel-Aged VanderBush – Belgian Trippel w/Vandermill Cider

Our Brewing 'The King' Peanut Butter, Bacon, Maple & Chocolate Stout

Swanson Approved. Need I say more?

Woodward Avenue Brothers Pumpkin IPA

I'm curious about this one, I've had some solid beers from WAB and I'm curious to see their take on this endeavor! An IPA with a nice fall twist.

Rochester Mills Barleywine

I'm excited about this one because I don't think I've ever had a huge beer from them before. Barleywine is a really big style, and I'm really excited to taste their take on it.

Griffin Claw Screamin' Pumpkin

This is a fall staple for me, and I was really sad to see it go with the passing of Michigan Brewing Company. Thankfully, headbrewer Dan Rogers has ressurected his recipe and re-released the seasonal favorite via Griffin Claw, the production brewery of Big Rock Chophouse.

Witch's Hat 'Pour L'Amour Du Michigan Dark Saison Made With Michigan Malt, Hops, Cherries, and Beet Sugar

This was a collaboration beer made with Palate, and promises to be quite the experience. The Witch's Hat list for the festival is quite impressive, I'm going to be spending a lot of time at their booth!

Oddside Ales Barrel Aged Black Citra Pale

Another great offering from Oddside, the BA Black Citra Pale is relaxed and complex, perfect for what's sure to be a chilly festival!

Rockford Brewing Wet Hopped Series

Rockford is bringing a three-beer Harvest Ale series to the festival, and all three will be released on Saturday. They will be releasing an all Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook Harvest. Also on their taplist for the day is Fuzzy Nuggz, their all Nugget hopped Pale.

Short's 'Pig Pen' Barrel Aged IPA w/ Brettanomyces

Among the ever-impressive Short's showing for this festival resided this little beauty that caught my attention right away. Their IPAs are always wonderful, but throwing it in a barrel and spiking it with Brett will give this IPA a wonderful sour-tartness that should blend wonderfully with the barrel aging!

Cranker's 'Sure Shot' Extra Stout w/ Espresso

Crankers is making some seriously good beer, and their extra stout with espresso promises to be a wonderful addition to your chilly Fall Fest tasting schedule.

This is going to be a great festival, I wish you all safe travels and a wonderful time!

This is only a few beers out of 400+! There are many, MANY more beers that are going to be at the festival! You can peruse the complete brewery and beer list on your own here:

Ben Darcie

Ben Darcie

Ben Darcie has been homebrewing since 2006 and is currently the Brewery Representative for Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, MI. He also provides public and private Beer Education and is a Beer Writer for BeerAdvocate, I'm a Beer Hound and three other Michigan publications. He is also the founder of Experience Beer WM and the 9wk Grand Rapids Beer Tasting Class (est. 2010).