Thursday, December 11, 2014

Look Forward To March 2015 With A Limited Release Of Founders Backstage Series

Written by  Aimee West
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blushing monk

April showers bring May flowers but what does March bring?
In 2015 March will bring an old Founders Backstage series favorite back, Blushing Monk. This will be the first Backstage Series release in 2015, after this look for two more releases throughout the year.

Blushing Monk has not been seen since July 2011. Before that it was a previous four years since it was made. Co-Founder and President Dave Engbers had this to say about it, “It seems as though we brew Blushing Monk on a four-year cycle. Our cellar crew hates brewing it because it’s brewed with a different yeast strain from all of our other beers, but we think it’s worth the sleepless nights. It’s an absolutely gorgeous beer.”

When poured all those delicious raspberries, creates a lovely deep berry red color and, at 9.2% ABV you will have rosy cheeks to match.

Blushing Monk will be released in limited quantities starting Monday, March 2. You can stop by the Founders taproom the week prior for your own taste.

Aimee West

Aimee West

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