Wednesday, January 13, 2016

B. Nektar Introduces First Half of 2016 Product Release Schedule

Written by  Paul Starr
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B. Nektar has been working on a 2016 release schedule to get some old favorites out to fans, as well as bringing on some new branded flavors to add to the 2016 collection.
Starting out the year is the return of the fan favorite, Dwarf Invasion. A Lambic-inspired beverage made with wildflower honey, balaton cherry juice and Styrian Golding hops, which has gained an overall score of 95 from craft beverage enthusiasts on 

Alongside Dwarf Invasion’s first quarter release stands the longtime fan faves of Black Fang (Blackberry, Michigan wildflower honey, clove and orange zest) and The Dude’s Rug (apple cider and chai tea spices.). And we got you covered all year long with availability of NecroMangoCon (orange blossom honey, mango juice, and black pepper), and the ever notable flagship, Zombie Killer (apple cider, Michigan star thistle honey and tart cherries).

And now the NEW STUFF (insert drumroll, please)

B. Nektar introduced the agave lime mead, Tuco-Style Freakout, to the 2015 Michigan Mead Cup and was awarded with the Best in Show and a Gold Medal. The orange blossom honey, agave nectar, lime juice and lime zest give the fans an experience that is best served with mexican dishes and of course, roof pizza.

And they don't stop there, oh no they do not…in addition, the newly branded dark fruit cider, Stupid Man Suit, hits the markets in the second quarter. Pulling from the 2001 movie, Donnie Darko and supporting the dark side with fresh pressed Michigan cider, balaton cherry, raspberry and black currant juices. Drinkers will B. sure to B. Afraid of the Dark.

The re-release of The Zombies Take Manhattan (Imperial Zombie Killer aged in rye whiskey barrels) will also be unveiled in the second quarter just in time for the Spring Mead Fest held at B. Nektar HQ on May 7th. You’re coming right? fans have given a score of 99 overall and this bottle can pack a punch with a 12% ABV.

And the huge fan fave of #dragonsarereal (honey wine with cherry juice, chipotle peppers and cacao nibs, aged in New Holland's Dragon's Milk barrels) is coming back! With an overall rating of 100 on B. Nektar is planning a release to the masses, mid-quarters.

About B. Nektar

B. Nektar was founded in 2008, by Brad and Kerri Dalholfer and Paul Zimmerman. They are based out of Ferndale, Michigan and are known for the most amazing and creative alcoholic beverages made from honey.  B. Nektar makes meads, ciders, and beers that extend beyond the traditional- they let their imaginations guide them. Learn more at

Paul Starr

Paul Starr

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