Wednesday, April 15, 2015

B. Nektar's Upcoming Spring Fest Features Mead, Cider, Beer, Music And Food

Written by  Aimee West
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We here at I'm a Beer Hound are looking forward to B. Nektar's upcoming Spring Fest featuring mead, cider, beer, music and food!
The 2015 B. Nektar Spring Fest takes place on Saturday, May 23 from 2 to 8 p.m. B. Nektar is located at 1511 Jarvis, Ferndale, MI.

They will be featuring two releases: Mead's Scurvy Shyster Bastard and There Will B. Blood Orange as well as a few other special releases awaiting us all on the day.

They will have these items available as well:

For on draft mead tastings Black Fang, NecroMangocon, Dwarf Invasion and Kill All The Golfers will be available. Special cider draft tastings will include Zombie Killer, Dude's Rug, and Slice of Life. Beers provided for tastings are Coffee Brown Ale, Coconut IPA, Sage Lime Wit, and Jasmine Green Tea Belgian IPA.

Admission to the event is free with tasting tickets priced at 6 for $9.00 (available at the festival).

With music being spun all day by Crate Deezy, this event is sure to be a great time.

For more information go Here.

Aimee West

Aimee West

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