Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Uncle John's Cider Mill Offers More Than Just Hard Cider

Written by  Aimee West
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Uncle John's Cider Mill has been creating award winning hard cider and wines for years now, but did you know that they also create spirits? Uncle John's has quietly been working on perfecting their spirits; brandy and vodka make from apples. They also create a delicious Apple Dessert Wine created with fermened apple cider and blended with apple brandy for a perfect balance.
I had the delightful task of visiting Uncle John's Cider Mill for a day in the tasting room. Earlier I wrote about my experience tasting their hard cider. Now I am pleased to discuss their spirits. I cannot put into words how the flavors roll and bounce on your tongue. How when you swallow you do not get a burn but a feeling of warmth and the coolness of the liquor. Uncle John's Brandy is so smooth with such a refreshing finish that all you taste is the brandy.

The average beverage brandy is usually 50%abv, this brandy is not just a sweet “flavored apple brandy” but a 90 proof brandy distilled from apples. With a subtle fruit bouquet and flavors of spice and leather with a lovely toasted oak finish this brandy goes down smooth. The earthy notes come from aging the brandy in French and American Oak barrels.

Martini's are one of my absolute favorite drinks but Vodka alone is not. That is until I tried Uncle John's Vodka, if you thought the brandy was good the Vodka takes you to another level.

Traditionally Vodka is made from potatoes or grain and then sugar is added to make it sweeter. With Uncle John's Vodka it is distilled from apples that are already sweet so no added sugar is needed. Which means you are getting more of a pure Vodka flavor, that is sweet on the tongue and smooth to drink with gentle fruit and spice notes. I would suggest drinking this vodka neat or with fresh cranberry juice or tonic.

Perfect for the upcoming holiday season is their Apple Dessert Wine. This particular wine is created with fermented apple cider and blended with their signature brandy for a smooth, sweet taste. Perfect for that after dinner drink with cheese or a tart dessert. 

I had a wonderful day at Uncle John's Cider Mill in the tasting area and I suggest that you take a day and experience it is as well. You can also find their spirits, wine and hard ciders sold at different specialty stores in the area.

Aimee West

Aimee West

Is new to the craft beer scene but always willing and wanting to learn more.