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Interview with Bryan Wiggs from Dark Horse Brewing Company

We ran down the always cool Bryan Wiggs from Darkhorse Brewing Company at the Winter Beer Festival. It was good catching up with him and hearing about how much fun they were having at the festival. It was also great hearing them, as always, graciously thank all the Michigan beer drinkers for their support. This is what Darkhorse has always been about--humility, TLC in their beer, and a 'come as your are' attitude that permeates everything they do.
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Jason Spaulding of  Brewery Vivant  interviewed at 2011 Michigan Summer Beer Festival

At 2011 Summer Beer Festival we got the chance to interview Jason Spaulding the creator of Brewery Vivant. Brewery Vivant is Belgian style brewery that open in 2011 in Grand Rapids and has had a lot of success.

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Interview with Joe Short - Short's Brewing Company

We got a chance to interview Joe Short at 2011 Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti. Of course collaboration with Dogfish Head and Three Floyd's was one the questions we had to ask.

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