Sunday, March 04, 2012

Interview with Bryan Wiggs from Dark Horse Brewing Company

Written by  Ryan Ranspach
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Interview with Bryan Wiggs from Dark Horse Brewing Company

We ran down the always cool Bryan Wiggs from Darkhorse Brewing Company at the Winter Beer Festival. It was good catching up with him and hearing about how much fun they were having at the festival. It was also great hearing them, as always, graciously thank all the Michigan beer drinkers for their support. This is what Darkhorse has always been about--humility, TLC in their beer, and a 'come as your are' attitude that permeates everything they do.
If you visit Darkhorse's brewpub just south of downtown Marshall and it seems like you're drinking in your Uncle Walter's hunting shed, well, you sort of are. The guys at Darkhorse don't put a lot of time and energy into aesthetics (that's a fancy word for "BS") because they spend all their time having a blast brewing their beers, which are complex but not bourgeois. Their approach to brewing is the same--though these guys certainly know their stuff, they don't wear it on their sleeves or rub it in anyone's face.

As far as this year's festival, they brought along 28 beers and ran out of 14 of them by 4:30, which Bryan was rightfully very proud of and thankful for. He shared some info on a couple upcoming events at the brewery, including a rib cook-off on April 14th. Check the link for details as this sounds like it will be a great time.

If you're unfamiliar with Darkhorse, you should really stop and check them out sometime. Their beers are all over the map, so they have one for almost any palate. They also have a big menu featuring some delicious baked subs and specialty pizzas.

Again, it was neat spending a few minutes with Bryan. These guys are just always very friendly, appreciative, and approachable--all the things that craft beer should be!