Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lansing Beer Week: Retailer Day

Written by  Ryan Ranspach
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Lansing Beer Week: Retailer Days

The second day of Lansing Beer Week, Monday, August 20th, is Retailer Day. This event will be held in the evening and will feature free Michigan beer tasting at a few of the top craft beer stores in the area; Vine & Brew in Okemos will be giving out Short's, the East Lansing Food Co-Op will be sampling Founder's beers, and the four Lansing-area Big Ten Party Store locations will each have a different Michigan brewery's beer to sample.
Visit East Lansing Food Co-op 's Website
Visit Vine & Brew's Website
Visit Big Ten Party Stores WebsiteThis is an easy and great way for people that may not know a lot about our state's breweries to get out there and try a few. The howling hound lifestyle can sometimes get expensive, and this is a cool opportunity for you to try out a bunch of different varieties and styles of beer and be sure you're getting something that you'll enjoy. We'll be making the rounds that evening from store to store, so say "hi" if you see us. If you're planning on hometown road-tripping it to each location, we encourage you you get a designated driver and to have fun! Check our website for more details on this event and we'll see you Monday night, August 20th for Retailer Day!