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Finished Bread using Short's Spruce Pilsner

Here's a quick and easy beer-cheese bread recipe. It's great for weeknights after work when you want some fresh bread that doesn't take hours of rising, and it is literally idiot-proof to put together. T'was a cold and blustery winter's eve when I made this bread and wanted something earthy & soul warming, so I dug out a bottle of Short's Imperial Spruce Pilsner from the cellar.

Finished Meatloaf Made With Dubious Black Chocolate Stout by North Peak Brewing Company

In the quest to combine beer with all the suits and trappings of my life I thought, why not meatloaf? Meat, beer, bread, cheese. I can only think of a few other things a man needs in life....well, there are some other things but for now let's just stick to those four. You can find a vast number of meat loaf recipes on the world wide websiphere (and probably a few in your Aunt Geraldine's cookbook), but I would wager that not a great many of them include beer. I found a recipe I could work with and make a few changes to and set to work...
Saturday, January 07, 2012

How to Make Ice Cream Using Founders KBS

Written by Ryan Ranspach

Finish Product With Making Ice Cream With Founders KBS

We got an ice cream attachment for our stand-mixer at our wedding shower this past year. I used it once and the frozen bowl attachment as been sitting in my freezer ever since, patiently and plantively waiting to whip up another batch. So, when I saw posted a recipe for a beer flavored ice cream, I knew what had to be done.
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